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Li Dinê

The trio Li Dinê consists of three members (Gara Sazkar, Rewan Riko and Samuel B. Sindi). Their innovative and pioneering mix of eastern and western music traditions creates a new dimension in the world of music. Taking root in middle-eastern (Kurdish) folk music, they mix oriental rhythms with scales and melodies, musical compositions with hip hop lyrical flow and modern R’n’B productions with elements of house and rock. All this leads to a whole new genre called Hemereng.

The background

Hemereng is an ancient Kurdish lyrical expression meaning a combination of all colors. Li Dinê has revived the phrase and given it a musical understanding as well. With this new type of music Li Dinê takes us on a journey through mountains, hills and valleys and they do it with their interpretation of Kurdish folklore and tales that have been passed down through generations.


Li Dinê means ”world, here we come”. In Li Dinê two generations of musicians have come together. Gara Sazkar is a veteran on the kurdish music scene, while composer Rewan Riko and writer Samuel B. Sindi constitute the younger generation. Tradition meets contemporary music. East meets west.



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